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Zodiac Supernova

Zodiac Supernova is a  slot game that gives a huge variety of chances when it comes to wins. There are five reels on Zodiac Supernova, but what gives the ultimate opportunity to win is the fact that there are 25 win lines.

This means that you can match numerous combinations on just one spin to achieve a potential significant win. Zodiac Supernova gives you the option of reducing and increasing the number of lines that you play as well as your stake. The minimum stake that you can play is 1p but this also means that you can play maximum lines to give you the ultimate chance of winning on this  slot game for as little as just 25p.

All wins on Zodiac Supernova pay from left to right so this is one  slot game that will not pay for simply making matches from right to left or anywhere else on the win line. This does not in any way reduce your chances of winning because the 25 pay lines available more than makes up for this.The top payout on Zodiac Supernova is a massive £5k and players will need to match 5 symbols on a pay line with a maximum wager to win this. However, what does make this slightly easier than some  slots is that there are 3 different symbols that you can match for the jackpot with Zodiac Supernova, whereas often you will find that there is only one. Matching just four of each of these three symbols can also achieve a sizeable win too, so you don’t necessarily need to win the top prize to put a smile on your face.


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Zodiac Supernova has an exciting bonus feature which can give you multiple chances to win on any of the pay lines. Each winning symbol match causes those winning matches to explode and the symbols to drop down from above to fill the spaces.
If you are lucky, this will create another winning match and another explosion to go on and make more multiple winning matches and create more explosions.

  • There is no progressive jackpot with Zodiac Supernova, but a top prize of £5k still makes this slot game enjoyable and a desirable one to play.


With 5 reels and 25 pay lines, Zodiac Supernova gives every  slots player ultimate control over their money. You can easily adjust the number of lines and the size of your stake per line with just a simply click of your mouse, which makes this a  slot game that can suit even the lightest of pockets.
There is also a multi play function with Zodiac Supernova enabling you to select the number of games you want to play and letting the game do all of the work for you.